Health: What Is The Primary Role Of The B Vitamins?

what is the primary role of the b-vitamins

What is the primary role of the b-vitamins? What are the benefits of taking these kinds of vitamins for the body? This article will talk about the benefits of taking vitamin b, and what types of vitamins fall under the classification of b-vitamins. After reading the article, if your GP might prescribe multivitamins, you can read more on that topic here.

What are b-vitamins?

This is a group of vitamins that helps a person remain in good health. There are eight vitamins that make up this vitamin group. To name the specific vitamins, they are thiamin , robiflavin, niacin, panthothenic acid, vitamin b-6, biotin, folate or folic acid and vitamin b-12. These vitamins are collectively known as vitamin B complex.

A person can get vitamin B from different kinds of food. The best way to be able to get these vitamins will be through eating vitamin b and nutrient-rich foods. In case their doctor still sees that they have a lack of vitamin b, they can also get their dose of vitamin b from vitamin supplements.

What is the primary role of the b-vitamins?

The role of b-vitamins is to ensure that all the body’s cells are working properly together to maintain good health. These vitamins are in charge of helping the body with metabolism, which is how the body converts the food the person eats into energy for the body to use. This group of vitamins help the body create new cells, maintain healthy cells and make sure that all the cells making up the skin, brain and other body tissues are healthy.

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What happens if a person does not get enough vitamin b?

If a person is not able to get enough vitamin b, there may be many effects to the body. A person may develop many deficiencies if they are not able to get enough vitamin b into their systems. They may have a medical condition that prevents them from absorbing enough vitamin b. These people may not be able to absorb enough vitamin b because their bodies may get rid of too much of it, or because their medical condition may be preventing them from absorbing the amount of vitamin b that is needed by the human body to remain healthy.

Importance of getting enough vitamin b

Having complete vitamin b complex is important for a person to maintain overall health and make sure that their organs will be working properly and effectively.

Folic acid

what is the primary role of the b-vitaminsFolate or vitamin b-9 is the natural form of folic acid. Folate can be found in many green leafy vegetables while folic acid can usually be taken in as vitamin supplements. This form of vitamin b is most needed by pregnant women to help in the development of their babies. It is recommended that women who are planning to get pregnant should take a dose of 400 mcg of folic acid each day to help their body prepare for the conception. Folic acid is important for a woman to have before and during the pregnancy to ensure that the baby will be at less risk of developing birth defects concerning the spinal column and brain.

Folic acid helps with cell division and development, metabolism of amino acids and vitamins and the replication of DNA. These are the reasons why folic acid is an important form of vitamin b for pregnant women to take.

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Vitamin b-12

This type of vitamin b is needed for the body to be able to produce more red blood cells, increase the neurological function of a person and for protein metabolism. This type of vitamin b can be attained by eating animal meat products like shellfish, beef, beef liver, salmon and dairy products such as milk and yogurt.

A person who chooses not to consume meat products, should make sure that they get vitamin b-12 from supplements. Vitamin b-12 can also be found in types of breakfast cereals and products that have yeast in them. Getting enough vitamin b-12 is crucial to maintain overall health. Vitamin supplements can also give the daily recommended dose of vitamin b-12 to vegans and vegetarians that may not be able to get vitamin b-12 from food sources.

Pantothenic acid

This type of vitamin b is needed for the body to produce new proteins and fats. Pantothenic acid is important because it is used in vital bodily functions like metabolism and energy production.

There are many side-effects that a person may experience if they have a deficienty in pantothenic acid. They may experience loss of appetite, irritability, numbness in their limbs and poor sleep. Pantothenic acid also helps people avoid having headaches, as this may also be an unwanted side-effect of having a lack of pantotenic acid in the body.

There are some extreme cases of people who have a pantothenic acid deficiency because they have a genetic mutation. This genetic mutation prevents their body from absorbing the amount of pantothenic acie they need.

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Ask your doctor for vitamin b supplements

what is the primary role of the b-vitaminsIf you have been diagnosed with a vitamin b deficiency, it is a good time to talk to your doctor about getting vitamin b supplements. If you suspect that you may have a deficiency of vitamin b, it is also a good time to talk to your doctor. They will be able to confirm your suspicions on if you have a vitamin b deficiency or not. They will run tests and ask you about your medical history to determine if you have a vitamin b deficiency.

Taking vitamin b supplements

Your doctor will be able to determine if you have a deficiency in one or multiple vitamin b types. If you are not deficient in all vitamin b types, it is best to only take the supplement that you lack. Your doctor will be the best person to give you advice on which type of vitamin b supplement you should take.

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