The Health Benefits Of Sun To Your Skin

Today people and dermatologists alike have gone crazy over sun protection and are against tanning completely. They’ve gone so far as to created combination lotion/sunscreens and other combination products. They claim you should put on sunscreen everyday. Is this some conspiracy sparked by the Klu Klux Klan?

No, it’s in response to all the people who get sun burned or who just want to maintain a nice natural tan. Quite often people get sunspots and premature aging from tanning or even worse skin cancer. Dermatologists don’t want to get blamed, and they don’t have the time to separate the smart people from the less intelligent people. Instead they’ve turned against tanning completely and encourage the widespread use of sun protection.


Jenny: “John, you just got back from skiing and you’re totally sun burnt! Why didn’t you wear sun protection?”

John: “I forgot to bring it. And besides, there was too long of a line at the ski lodge, plus it was too expensive.”

They’re right about tans and over exposure having a negative impact on the skin. The skin-care companies may have taken it one step too far by creating combination lotion/sunscreens. Especially when they say it’s supposed to be put on every single day!

Unless you’re sparkling white, on special medication, or actually getting decent exposure everyday, it might be a little too much. Avoid the lotion/sunscreens and just put on sun protection when you need it. Don’t use SPF 15 lotion, because not only do you have to put on twice as much, but you have to pay twice as much.

Counter Argument: If you want to keep your skin as young as possible as you grow older, and avoid higher risks of cancer, you should use a moisturizer with SPF 15 everyday, or as often as possible. There is a mountain of evidence that supports this:

UV Index
Skin Cancer Prevention
Sun Skin
Health Facts
Sun Safty
UVB Radiation

~SPF 15 doesn’t cost twice as much. You’re getting a moisturizer and sunscreen in one.

Reply: Sunlight is essential for vitamin D production. It has been shown to actually help reduce the risk of cancer.

Counter: Studies have shown that even without sunlight, our diets contain enough vitamin D to be sufficient:

Vitamin D

Reply: Sunlight is supposed to lead to wrinkles, sunspots, and old looking skin, right? If it’s really a cosmetic issue, then perhaps everyone is overlooking the fact that tan skin is more cosmetically pleasing than super white skin. Even though the skin beneath your clothes may have less wrinkles, its super whiteness can make it just as much of an eyesore.

For people who naturally have darker skin, this may not be a problem. However, naturally darker skin is also more resistant to the sun.

Counter: Artificial tanning lotion is now available and will give you the same tanned look without the sun damage.

Reply: It is socially unacceptable for males to wear fake tanning lotion, just as it is for them to wear makeup. Even for women, the jump from light to dark skin can be awkward when noticed among friends and family. And who has time to apply a fake tan everyday?