Why Should People Have Vitamin D Prescription? (Benefits, Side Effects)

Why Should People Have Vitamin D Prescription

How do people get enough nutrients to wake up and start and finish their day? If you see those commercials that advertise why you need to get enough vitamin, then you should consider listening to why. Many people can get benefits from adding vitamins and natural supplements on their everyday diet. Also, vitamin D helps with gum healthand you can see the results of a healthier smile. A vitamin D prescription can benefit patients body, especially if one wants to get enough vitamin to start the day. You may want to ask more about these prescription vitamins and medicines from your primary care physician. 


What Do Vitamins Do For The Body?

Taking vitamins are great for supplementary benefits in a person’s steady growth and development. As early as a baby can new moms supply nutrients by taking vitamin A, D, E, and other essential supplements for their child. Moreover, older adults, the elderly, and people who are susceptible to different diseases lack the proper nutrients and doesn’t get enough vitamin. It is recommended that besides the usual tablets, oral medicine, or prescription vitamin, a person must have a healthy lifestyle. Eating foods with vitamin D prescription or other minerals as well as exercising daily can amplify a person’s condition. Get enough vitamins by observing what your doctor recommends according to your current health status. 


Benefits of Vitamin D Prescription

Are you curious about what can vitamin D prescription do for your body? If you are not familiar with taking a prescription vitamin for your everyday life, check out what Vitamin D benefits you. You may have to be careful with dosages with Vitamin D. Since; vitamin D is originally a prohormone medicine, which means it helps hormone deficiency in the body. Moreover, vitamin D can have many variations and types, such as Vitamin D2 and D3. Ask your licensed doctor beforehand to know if you can take these supplements. 

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Helps Support Bones

Vitamin D Prescription

Did you know that vitamin D is a good prescription vitamin for bone support? It helps the body absorb all the calcium and phosphorus for bone growth and development. As of recent news, osteoporosis is still the leading bone problems for both men and women. Mainly, pregnant women may lose calcium and phosphorus during their 5-9 months’ pregnancy. Women need to get additional supplements such as taking vitamin D to get enough vitamin for the rest of their pregnancy period. Pregnant women should have a consultation with their pediatrician first before taking any additional supplements, vitamins, and medicine to prevent pregnancy and birth problems.


Improve Serotonin Levels

Vitamin D prescription is commonly known as the sunshine vitamin as most people, back then, get it from the sun. Serotonin, a component that affects our happy mood, is usually found in food such as fish oil rich in Omega-3. However, there may be some side effects in taking too much vitamin D, as some psychologists say. A balanced meal, with the right dosage of Vitamin D, may prevent disruption in brain functions and development. Furthermore, boosting serotonin may also have immediate health problems such as agitation, headache, nervousness, and diarrhea. Only take vitamin D for serotonin if you genuinely have a huge deficiency with vitamin D due to illnesses. 


Protect Against Heart Diseases And Stroke

A person that lacks blood cells, oxygen, and rhythmic functions in the heart may be glad to know that vitamin D also promotes fewer risks in the heart. It is reported that obese people can get benefits from vitamin D since it absorbs fat from the body. It helps maintain regular blood flow and circulate it in the whole body. However, many doctors are still researching the authenticity of the link between vitamin D and the heart

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Promotes Cell Growth And Repairs Immune System 

Surprisingly, not many people are aware that taking vitamin D also helps cell regeneration and the immune system. Among the research of boosting the immunization of children, it is evident that milk with calcium and vitamin D helps promote homeostasis. Moreover, those who have a deficiency in vitamin D shows frequent colds and symptoms of coughing. Similar to research about the link of vitamin D and the heart, there are yet many studies pending for research to know the connection between the immune system and vitamin D


Side Effects of Vitamin D

Among the many benefits of vitamin D, there are also side-effects and disadvantages of taking too much of this supplement. Vitamin D can come in many forms, such as tablets, chewable, oral solution, or compounding crystal. Reports from licensed medical and dental doctors see the most common side effect of overdose is weight loss. Moreover, patients also show issues such as fatigue or bone pain as common problems as well. A patient should have precautionary guidelines such as dosages, diet procedures and plans, as well as a lifestyle while taking vitamin D. If you want to know more about the side effects of Vitamin D, here is the list: 

  • Nausea
  • Weight Loss
  • Fatigue or Muscle Weakness
  • Disorientation
  • Extreme Thirst
  • Frequent Bone Pain


What To Do With Side Effects of Vitamin D

You may want to find out which additional treatments or procedures may affect your vitamin D. Some surgeries and treatment care requires patients to stop the intake of Vitamin D to prevent further health complications and risks. A doctor must recommend the proper diet for patients who are undergoing diabetes, cancer, or lung diseases with this vitamin. Moreover, there may be more to what looks like a single symptom or side effect of vitamin D. It is highly advisable for patients who experience fatigue, bone pain, or extreme weight loss to visit a doctor right away to know any underlying medical conditions they have. 

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What Are The Precautions For Vitamins?Vitamin D Prescription Benefits Side Effects

Even if vitamins are somewhat seen as a milder and more natural for some people, it may still have some risks. Mainly, if people taking vitamins are not following the instructions of their doctor or dietician, they may expect negative results as stated previously. Obviously, some side-effects come with vitamins, particularly those that have an addiction. Hence, it is vital for doctors to only give prescription vitamin for people who lack specific nutrients. Moreover, accountability with these vitamins among family members may help monitor the right dosages. Also, a person taking prescription vitamin may have to be careful if it conflicts a surgical procedure or other prescription medicine. 

How You Can Help Your Body’s Health

People can be strong in both their physical, mental, and overall aspects of health. Aside from the regular prescription vitamin, supplements, and medical treatments, one should be careful with their daily lifestyle. The lack of proper nutrition in eating can take a big part in how the body ages. Since the human body may have a decrease in nutrition absorption, it is crucial to check which hobbies, activities, and habits must get a recalibration. In the end, everyone can benefit from the available prevention measures for diseases and sickness. Moreover, vitamins are only supplements and not a cure for any health problems. Visiting a doctor can help diagnose, analyze, and seek the correct treatment of any medical or dental care concern. 

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