Vitamin B5 For Acne, Does It Really Help? (The Facts Behind The Popular Claim)

Is vitamin B5 for acne possible

Unknown to many, the body is more than just proteins, fats and water. It is a complex combination of organic components, minerals, and fluids. These different elements combine and interact with each other to form functional products like vitamins or hormones. And each product is as crucial in supporting life and normal body functioning. After all, it is on this molecular size level that most essential body actions happen.

Luckily, there are widely available and reliable vitamin supplements on the drug stores today. And aside from their regular functions, vitamins are now gaining popularity for other applications. One account includes Vitamin B5 for acne management. But how true is this claim? And why is Vitamin B essential? In the end, It could only be either of two things: a rising fact or just another science fiction.


Vitamin B5 And Its Role Inside The Body

Also goes around with the name Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin B5 is essential in maintaining health and wellness. And pantothenic acid is found in almost any food including avocado, meat, nuts, eggs, dairy and many more. Hence, whether you are going vegan or in an all-meat diet, you can never lack a Vitamin B source. Together with other B vitamins, pantothenic acid completes the infamous B complex. This group of vitamins work together to convert foods into an energy source. Hence, while you are busy eating, Vitamin B in your body is also busy producing sources to fuel your energy. foods where you can source vitamin B5Indeed, most pharmaceutical companies never forget to market their supplements through Vitamin B effects. And with the capacity to improve nerve pain, depression, and red blood cell production, B complex is worth the marketing effort.


However, Vitamin B5 is also effective on its own. Here are some of the common jobs a pantothenic acid is responsible for:

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Coenzyme A Production

Perhaps the most notable function of pantothenic acid. Indeed, numerous body systems are dependent on this coenzyme A conversion. One of these processes includes fat metabolism. Its importance lies in the proper use and distribution of fat in the body. Fatty acids are simpler forms of fats that are easy to store and turn into energy. Hence, thanks to pantothenic acid, you get to have energy resources to keep your body functional even during fasting.


Improves Cholesterol Level

Although fat is an excellent energy source, it does not have your best interest when it comes to health. As you know, too much fat content like cholesterol puts you at risk for heart problems. Luckily, pantothenic acid and its derivatives have the capacity to turn the table around. Research shows that pantothenic acid reduces the amount of cholesterol the body produces. This makes it a feasible drug for managing cholesterol in high-risk individuals. Since it is a natural body component, its side effects may be less than the usual prescriptions.


Antioxidant And Stress Reliever

Even if Vitamin B5 does not directly act on the stressors, it limits their effects through other substances. Pantothenic acid increases glutathione concentration which is a widely known antioxidant molecule in the body. During inflammation and oxidative stress, Vitamin B5 also shows protective action. Furthermore, with a nickname of “anti-stress vitamin,” pantothenic acid is your tool for defeating the presence of stressors. Its presence also controls hormones that trigger the feeling of tiredness and stress.


Augmenting Immune Response

Your capacity to develop disease lies closely with your immune system. And with Vitamin B5, you have the key to upgrading the body’s defence mechanism into a more resilient one. Its presence hastens bacterial killing and the release of chemicals that will limit the spread of infection. In a nutshell, Vitamin B5 hasten inflammation and resolves the infection before the microorganism gets the chance of spreading.


Preventing Insomnia And Depression

The role of Vitamin B5 does not end in fat metabolism. This vitamin type is also capable of stimulating the synthesis of hormones and neurotransmitters. For instance, melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleeping patterns, is heavily dependent on pantothenic acid. Indeed, the deficiency of Vitamin B5 leads to sleep disturbances. Although other B5 B types are the main characters in preventing depression, pantothenic acid makes the play successful.

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Wound Healing

If you have trouble letting your wounds recover, you should consider taking Vitamin B5 supplements. Pantothenic acid does this through its skin moisturising and barrier enhancing effect. After all, wound healing does not only entail the closure of the cut, keeping it free from infection and contamination is crucial —which, fortunately, pantothenic acid does as well. Also, since it easily influences the inflammation process, downplaying their mechanism is possible as well. Hence, with Vitamin B5 wounds heal quickly and without the usual burden of pain and inflammation.


Vitamin B5 For Acne: How Does Acne Form?

Books say that acne and pimple breakouts happen during puberty. But for some, this skin dilemma comes back from time to time. Or worse, might have never left them at all. Acne happens when oil, dead cells or dirt plug the pore normally excretes oil called sebum. And without other means of exit, the oils get stuck on the area until the pore is open again. Sebum has a one-way path, and turning back is not an option. Hence, it cannot transfer from one pore to another. And with the sebaceous oil gland continuously secreting, the stockpile of sebum will get bigger and bigger. On the outside, it will look like a red lump that could also be swollen and painful. Much more, when acne flares, it causes inflammation and itching that also infects nearby areas. Proper skincare is usually enough to resolve typical acne. But with hormones and overproduction of oil, usual skin routines might not even catch up.


The Potential Of Vitamin B5 For Acne And Skin Treatment

success of vitamin B5 for acneThere may be limited studies on how pantothenic acid makes acne better. But its remarkable and proven benefits makes this theory highly possible. Since the presence of Vitamin B5 makes all the difference in different situations such as wound healing, acne is not too far from it. Here are some science-based premises that led people to claim that Vitamin B5 for acne is possible:

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  • The Blow Of Vitamin B5 Deficiency

This absence of Vitamin B5 in the system is easy to picture but difficult to live on. Since there is not much research focusing on Vitamin B5 characteristics, its deficiency will indirectly detail its importance. After all, only with the absence of something can someone truly appreciate its value. Although it happens in a low number of cases, Vitamin B5 deficiency is possible. Its absence shows signs and symptoms of generalised malaise, depression, insomnia, vomiting, respiratory infections and anaemia. Much more, pantothenic acid deficiency also decreases intestinal absorption of other vitamins and minerals. Indeed, when you have an insufficient source to break down lipids, control hormone secretion, and keep the skin moist, acne could worsen. Fat processing and distribution will be in disarray and may cause the sebaceous oil glands to produce more sebum. These effects show how Vitamin B5 may indirectly control an acne condition.


  • Vitamin B5 And Its Impeccable Benefits

When you want to estimate, in theory, the feasibility of Vitamin B5 for acne, you should think of its roles. By supporting the amount of Vitamin B5 in your body, you also get to double its effects. In normal cases, the sebum moisturises the skin when it exits the pore. But with acne, the sebum does not make it out. Hence, when you have a wide acne invasion, you will notice that some areas are dry. Pantothenic acid could quickly remedy this through its moisturising and wound-healing action. Much more, its capacity to limit inflammation and infection will prevent the spread of acne. And with Vitamin B5, breakdown of lipids and oil production is in control.


All In All

These theories put a new perspective and unlock additional potential for BVitamin 5 B5. And although there is no actual research yet, fact-based roles of B5 B support the acne prevention concept. More so, its presence in supplements decreases the chances of grave side effects. Hence, technically speaking, the use of Vitamin B5 for acne treatment is not far from possible. Indeed, the natural blend of Vitamin B5 in the body processes paves for a new, safer, and groundbreaking approach to acne.

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