The Right Vitamins for Your Teeth

Proper nutrition is important to our bodies including our teeth and gums. We can protect our oral health by ingesting the right vitamins through supplements and food we take in. Herein are some important vitamins for our teeth;


Calcium is also as good to our teeth as it is for our bones. Dairy products like yogurt and milk have a type of calcium that is easily absorbed by the body. Other good sources for this are the sardines with bones and canned sardines. The vegan options include the blackstrap molasses, the green leafy vegetables, and fortified cereals.


This is another important vitamin for healthy teeth. Studies show that our bodies have more of phosphorus than any other mineral in the body and much of it is at our teeth. Phosphorus in the body helps in the repair and maintenance of the body tissues. In our mouths, it works hand in hand with calcium to keep our teeth strong. Good sources of phosphorus are protein-rich foods like the eggs, dairy products, meats, legumes, and nuts. It can also be found in carbonated beverages, whole grains, and dried fruit.

Vitamin D

This micro-nutrient tells the intestines to absorb the calcium we take in and move it to our bloodstream. The body needs enough vitamin D so that it will not leach calcium out of the bones.

Vitamin C

These vitamins are good for the gums. This nutrient is needed for the formation of blood vessels and other important tissues that do help to support our teeth. This nutrient is also important for healing. Those persons that have severe vitamin C deficiencies normally experience bleeding of gums. Excellent sources of vitamin C include the berries, spinach, citrus fruits, Brussels sprouts, and other fruits and vegetables. These are some important vitamins for teeth you should know.

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