Is Drinking Prescription Prenatal Vitamins Safe? (Pregnancy Tips)

Is Drinking Prescription Prenatal Vitamins Safe

Are you in your first few weeks of pregnancy? Have you visited your OB-GYN doctor lately? If yes, that means you are taking extra care of your body for you and your baby. You may encounter when your GP might suggest prenatal supplements during a consultation. However, not all vitamins or supplements are recommended during the prenatal period. Hence, ask for additional tips on how to maintain a safe pregnancy. You can find out if you can drink prescription prenatal vitamins and if they are beneficial for you. What are the other tips you should know during your pregnancy?

Why Vitamins Are Good For The Body

Vitamins and herbal supplements are great additions to boost our body. While people can eat healthily, not every nutrient is present. That is why many vitamins can sustain the missing raw elements found in capsules and meals itself. On the other hand, we should not solely rely on these medicines. Even more so should pregnant women maintain their diet while taking prescription prenatal vitamins. Vitamins can promote the growth of cells, boosting the immune system, and keeping our organs functioning well. Conversely, it would be best if you also had some limits when taking vitamins. Taking too many vitamins may harm the body more than it should help.

Types Of Vitamins

Vitamins can vary according to its purpose in the body. Like vitamin B5, which focuses on boosting the immune system, there are other types or forms of vitamins for everyday use. Check out some examples and categories so you will have an idea of what to buy next time.

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Organic And Vegan

Due to the demand of people wanting less harmful ingredients in their supplements, natural and vegan vitamins are great for alternatives. On the other hand, the protection for these isn’t complete since most capsules are made from animal ingredients while vegan tablets are not.


Prescription capsules are what doctors recommend their patients to take. Particularly, if you are a pregnant woman, you find yourself taking only a handful of vitamins and supplements for your prenatal period. You can also expect to get higher quality prescription medicine and an exact dosage for vitamins such as vitamins A, C, and Iron. Always take your supplements correctly to avoid any harmful effects on your health.


The typical form of vitamins and medicine comes in the form of over-the-counter capsules and tablets. Most of them are generic, mass-marketed, and custom fit for low grams but with intentional higher intake. Nevertheless, it would help if you still were careful in taking over-the-counter medicine. It can again harm the liver, kidney, and even dental health.

Can Drinking Prescription Prenatal Vitamins Be Risky?

Prescription Prenatal Vitamins Safe Pregnancy Tips

Pregnant women should be aware of some risks when it comes to drinking their supplements. Vitamins and supplements, or even any drug, can’t prevent problems with its side-effects. Thus, many doctors always remind people to follow the instructions for the dosages. Pregnant women may even have problems with their unborn babies if they had an overdosage. Start protecting you and your child by only drinking the recommended prescription prenatal vitamins.

Recommended Vitamins For Pregnant Women

Women have recommended vitamins to improve their baby’s health while maintaining their own. Calcium helps build strong bones for the baby and also prevents osteoporosis for women as they encounter changes in their structure. Additionally, Iron and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) are also vital elements to help their neurocognitive development. Lastly, Folic Acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin D are vitamins to avoid cognitive disabilities and bone problems. You may want to ask for more information about the recommended vitamins from your doctor as soon as you have your first OB-GYN check-up.

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