Is Milk Good For Your Teeth? (Significant Contributions To Oral Health)

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There are so many ways of taking care of your teeth. It could be through proper oral hygiene or your regular visit to your dentist. What’s interesting here, do you know that the food we eat also contributes to our good oral health condition? For instance, milk. Is milk good for your teeth? Let your Harris Dental Boutique dentist in Bundaberg give you an idea about it.


Is milk good for your teeth?

Dietary choices are also essential in maintaining good oral health condition. The food and beverages we take should also contribute to maintaining a healthy set of teeth. In this article, we will talk about milk in particular. Is milk good for your teeth, or is it a contributor to tooth decay?

With attention to milk, researches shown that milk is beneficial to our teeth. Here are the reasons why milk is a good match for your teeth and your oral health.


Milk benefits to dental health

Here are the common reasons why milk is appropriate for your teeth.

  1. little smiling and showing strength after drinking milkMilk is rich in calcium, together with vitamins D and K. These nutrient contents are valuable in keeping the teeth and bones healthy and strong.
  2. Additionally, milk also contains phosphorus. It works well with calcium in repairing the damage on your teeth. They are also a good source of protection for tooth enamel.
  3. Moreover, milk is also high in casein proteins. These proteins form a film that protects the surface of your teeth. It protects your tooth enamel from decay.
  4. Aside from that, milk is known to be pH-neutral. It only means that milk can neutralize acidic or sugar contents from the food and beverages you take.
  5. Saliva also takes part in maintaining and repairing your teeth. Milk is a good stimulator of saliva production.
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We all know that milk plays a vital role in promoting healthy teeth and bones. Milk can remineralize the teeth to prevent the formation of decay in your teeth. In case you are not fond of drinking milk anymore, you can ask your dentist about the toothpaste that can work like milk. Aside from that, there can be dairy products that you can use as a substitute for milk.


Dairy products to substitute milk

If you are not a milk-drinker anymore, these dairy products can work out your daily calcium needs.

  1. Yogurt: It is known to be super dental food. Yogurt has the following ability for your teeth: (1) It keeps your gums healthy. (2) It strengthens your teeth. (3) It is a good fighter of bad breath. (4) Makes the mouth less acidic.
  2. Cheese: It is also a good stimulator for saliva production. It has nutrient contents that return the lost minerals in your teeth and rebuilds the tooth enamel.
  3. Buttermilk-riched foods: These foods are rich in good bacteria. It contains anti-inflammatory effects on the skin cells in your mouth. Buttermilk is significant in reducing periodontitis.
  4. Calcium-fortified soy milk: It also contains calcium and vitamin D. However, in lesser amounts only. In this case, a cow’s milk is still best preferred.


Other beneficial foods for oral health

Good Choice Dental near Campsie provided a list of other foods that can be sources of strength for your teeth besides dairy products

  1. Fiber-rich fruits and vegetables: Foods enriched with fiber can help maintain your teeth and gums’ cleanliness. Aside from that, they serve as the best natural defense against cavities and gum diseases.
  2. Green and black teas: They have polyphenols that either fight or hold back plaque bacteria. In effect, it prevents the bacteria from growing. Moreover, it hinders the acids attacking the teeth.
  3. Sugarless chewing gum: It contributes as a good saliva maker as well. With good saliva production, you will be able to remove food particles inside your mouth.
  4. Foods containing fluoride: Several products now have fluoride content, such as fluoridated water, powdered juices, or dehydrated soups. Fluoride content is known as the natural mineral that builds healthy teeth and prevents cavity formation.
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Make sure to intake foods and drinks rich in nutrient contents that can support your dental health condition. Considering a balanced diet that includes a sufficient supply of nutrients to our body is necessary. This way, you are working both your dental and overall health together.



say cheese! It's good for your teethBased on the discussion above, they have then proven that milk is beneficial to our teeth. Milk is a good source of strength for our teeth. However, we should not solely depend on milk alone. We should still incorporate good oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist with it.

Milk cannot work our dental health alone. A complete package of dental care is essential to maintain a healthy set of teeth. This way, you can enjoy and maximize your teeth for a long time. You would be able to smile a lot.

Talking about smiles, is this why we say “Say cheese” in taking photos? Because cheese is good for our teeth! Isn’t that amazing? Ya-ha!

To ensure that you have amazing oral health, you can visit Dental Spot Croydon’s website and schedule an appointment today.

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