Essential Vitamins For Oral Health

Vitamins and minerals are necessary for the health of our whole body. But what about oral health?

When we come to this topic, dentist visits are a must, at least once in every six months. To keep oral hygiene dental in the balance, many people are, also, choosing different nutritional supplements.

Today, we have so many options for vitamins for oral health. Lack of vitamins in our bodies can make serious disbalance and lead to many illnesses. Which one to use and why? A dentist in Chatswood, NSW at Boutique Dental Care clinic will explain further in this article.

Vitamin D

Did you know how many people lack vitamin D? Many studies show that almost a billion people do not have a regular level of vitamin D.

Vitamin D has a very important role in immunity processes. Also, it is necessary for the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, which is necessary for oral health.

It prevents periodontitis and helps in the reduction of inflammatory processes.

Vitamin C

Did you hear about scurvy? It is an illness caused by a lack of vitamin C. Symptoms of this illness are gum bleeding and tooth loss.

The most important role of vitamin C is making collagen – the most abundant protein. It is placed in our bones, muscles, and skin. Lack of vitamin C is connected to the illness of the oral cavity such as gingivitis and periodontitis.

Vitamin B

When we talk about vitamin B, we think of a group of vitamin B. It is usually known as vitamin B complex.

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Lack of vitamin B12 is leading to the problem of aphthous. They are small painful wounds inside of the oral cavity.

Each vitamin B has its role, so the advice is to take them all together as a vitamin B complex.

Oral health problems can be very dangerous and can lead to complete tooth loss. Also, they can be cause for other health problems, so take care of your oral cavity.

To prevent potential issues, pay extra attention to oral hygiene and take your vitamins. You can also check this website to get more tips on taking care of your oral health.

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