What Are The Precautions For Chewable Multi Vitamins?

What Are The Precautions For Chewable Multi Vitamins

Chewable multi vitamins are one of the popular alternatives for people who feel drinking hard capsules are difficult. These multi vitamins come in all forms like an oral chewable tablet or also dissolves in the mouth. Just like any medicine out there, you may need to check the instructions for every prescription. At times, you may not notice this small issue, but these vitamins can also stain a person’s teeth. If you are wondering how to clean them, you can use teeth whitening strips for those dirty stains. Tablets, supplements, and other multi vitamins are suitable for a person’s health. However, are you aware of their side-effects? Check out what you should prepare for in the future. 

Benefits of Chewable Multi Vitamins

Do you remember those dinosaur-shaped chewable multi vitamins you had as a kid? As most people may think of these vitamins for marketing purposes, the effects of these chewable tablets are vast. For adults and older people that have trouble swallowing, they are a better alternative. Additionally, these multi vitamins do not make the stomach upset so quickly. Some of these oral medications also have smaller dosages to decrease toxicity in the body of a patient. Of course, it is still an inevitable side-effect, so, a patient must take these medications with meals. Ask your doctor about the right instructions for drugs and prescription medicine. 

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Precautions In Chewable Multi Vitamins

An individual need all the vitamins and minerals for the right nutrition in the body. Drinking chewable multi vitamins such as those with vitamin b5 is a great option to encourage growth and development. However, there are certain precautions when it comes to using these vitamins. Without proper care for the body’s organs, some side-effects may harm the person. You may have already felt these issues before, but some may ignore the realities of using this medicine. What are some of these health problems, and how can you avoid them? Here are some of the side-effects and precautions that you should know beforehand. 


While chewable multi vitamins itself is not the leading cause of constipation, its ingredients are the culprit. Some ingredients in tablets, supplements, and multivitamins may contain lactose, iron, and other stimulants(laxatives) for the digestive system. Consider asking your doctor or pharmacist before buying over-the-counter medicine or prescription medicine. 

Allergic Reaction

While it is rare to have allergic reactions with drugs, medicines, and tablets, it is best to contact a doctor or dentist immediately as this is an emergency. Some symptoms of allergies are blisters, inflammation, redness, itchiness and swollen face after taking these medicines.


Some patients also report about nausea after taking these products. While these vitamins are already known to combat vomiting and dizziness, the sensation of swallowing may still be one of the causes. Additionally, some may also have issues with acid reflux or GERD. Ask your doctor if you can use other alternatives such as liquid forms of multivitamins if the problems persist. 

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Dental Health CareChewable Multi Vitamins Doctors Prescription

Dental concerns after taking chewable vitamins are mostly about teeth stains. If you are a person who drinks their medicine almost every day, you should find additional dental treatment at home. Teeth-whitening strips are an excellent option for a quick and easy teeth whitening regimen. Ask your dentist for available dental treatment for your teeth stain concerns. 

How To Manage Your Dental Health While Taking Multi Vitamins

Multi vitamins are beneficial for everyone’s health, especially those who want stronger gums and teeth. You should check out if your vitamins contain Vitamin C as these may have damaging effects to the teeth over time. Also, consider having smaller dosages with your vitamins. You may ask your nutritionist or dietician on how to adjust to these dental health concerns along with your dentist’s instructions. Don’t forget to take note of the changes to your dental care routine to maximize your health care. 

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