What Are The Different Calcium Foods For Men, Women, And Children?

What Are The Different Calcium Foods For Men Women And Children

If you enjoy eating and at the same time getting fit and healthy, then you may want to research more about the food you eat. What are the significant nutrients that you know with your salad or soup? Did you know that calcium foods contribute to your body’s health condition? Calcium can be a great source of nutrients and vitamins that support the bones, spinal cord, and joints. It is also useful for many other body organs and functions that may surprise you. Are you ready to include calcium foods in your diet plans? Here are some facts to remember for men, women, and children. 


Why Is Calcium Good For The Body?

Calcium is a mineral that is found entirely in our bones and teeth. Despite its presence in our soft bone tissues, it is also crucial for the nerves, muscles, and our hormones. Calcium helps build memory blocks that aids in nerve signals for pain and cortisol production. Moreover, it helps our joints and muscles contract. Meaning, if a person lacks calcium, he or she can be prone to inflammation or bone pain. Enzymes and hormones also need calcium as it helps maintain calcium in the blood. Moreover, calcium also promotes blood clotting, cell regeneration, and a healthy heartbeat. If you want to prevent complications in your body, you may want to know the benefits of calcium foods for all individuals. 


  • Benefits For Men

Strong bones aren’t just for athletes and physical enthusiasts. Men may want to increase their calcium intake with supplements and natural food rich in calcium. Men are susceptible to heart disease due to their diet choices, fatty food, and unhealthy lifestyle. So if they want better, firmer muscles and bones, there are calcium rich foods to choose from. How much calcium should men have? Medical experts say that from 19 to 50 years old, 1,000 to 2,500 milligrams (mg) is needed. However, for 51 and older, 1,200 to 2,000 mg a day is enough to have your bones fortified. 

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  • Calcium And Women 

Calcium FoodsWomen are susceptible to bone loss and calcium deficiency during pregnancy period. Why do older women have osteoporosis more than men? According to research studies, women lose their bone’s density through hormonal changes. Estrogen rapidly decreases when a woman enters her menopause period. So, older women at the age of 60 and above can experience painful joints, spinal cord, or leg pain. You may want to ask your doctor for more info related to calcium and bones.


  • Children Needs Calcium Too

More often, people, especially parents, are familiar with the many advantages of calcium for infants, kids, and teens. Calcium contributes to a person’s bone development. Frequently, calcium is associated with growth and height. Hence, a child may need to have a proper amount of calcium rich foods and high levels of vitamins and minerals for bone, muscle, and organ development. 


Sources Of Calcium In Foods And Beverages

Calcium rich foods are everywhere, and it may even be easier to find calcium in the local grocery or stores than vitamins and supplements. Nevertheless, we recommend that people who want to prevent osteoporosis or calcium deficiency from looking at these products and items. Please don’t wait for your bones to become fragile and frail and read our list.


Calcium Foods And Beverages


A serving or cup of fortified dairy, like milk, cheese, and other calcium rich foods are the typical go-to of anyone. You may find more calcium rich foods apart from the list below. However, make sure that you are taking the right amount of calcium as excess or little dairy consumption has adverse effects.

  • Whole Milk
  • Cheese
  • Pudding
  • Smoothies 
  • Yogurt
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Green Leafy Vegetables

Are you a fan of green, leafy vegetables? If not, you may want to start looking for recipes on cooking vegetables better. There is more calcium in vegetables than other sources of calcium foods. So, if you want to avoid having side effects of too much milk in your body, you may choose a green alternative.

  • Broccoli
  • Kale
  • Bok Choy
  • Okra
  • Spinach
  • Turnips
  • Peas
  • Seaweed
  • Collard Greens 


Other Calcium Foods:

Apart from the mentioned dietary choices above, you may also see these selections for your everyday meals. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can enjoy eating calcium foods as part of your daily habit. If you enjoy seeds, like sesame, or tofu, you may find it has less fat than milk or dairy. Calcium rich fruits like orange, kiwi, blackberries, papaya, and guavas are also recommended in this list. 

  • Nuts (limit consumption them if you wear braces as they might get stuck between the wires)
  • Dried Figs
  • Tofu
  • Orange juice
  • Eggs
  • Mushrooms
  • Seeds 
  • Beans 
  • Lentils 
  • Fish (Salmon, Sardines)


Non-Food Sources:

Many products promote calcium rich tablets that are available in many drugstores and pharmacies today. If you need to have a high serving of calcium rich diet, you may choose vitamins and supplements. Be sure to ask your dietician or nutritionist for the right amount of calcium along with preventing complications for your current medical condition. 

  • Calcium rich tablets
  • Supplements 


Is Too Less Or Too Much Calcium Risky For The Body?

Calcium Foods Benefits

For a person to absorb calcium correctly, he or she must also take other vitamins like Vitamin D to control calcium rich foods. There can be health issues that calcium can do, notably for people who love milk or dairy products. Lactose intolerance may also become a health condition for people who take dairy every day. There are also two health diseases associated with having fewer or much calcium rich diet. Hypocalcemia and hypercalcemia are two calcium related diseases that connect having fewer or more calcium in the blood. It can be risky to have either of the diseases as it contributes to liver or kidney disease, sleep apnea, arrhythmia, seizures and more. Hence, it may be best to visit your doctor’s clinic for a bit of advice about calcium rich foods but with better absorption. 

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A Doctor Can Prescribe The Right Amount Of Calcium Foods Daily 

If you aren’t sure how much calories, carbohydrates, and sugar that your calcium product has, you may want to look at a diet table plan. Doctors can also watch what you eat and give you a guide on which fish, yogurt, plant, cheese, seeds, or vitamin you lack for the week. A 200 or more (268) mg of collard green is enough per cup. Moreover, adults should also watch their high intake. Some adults may be enticed with several recipes online, mainly, cheese and dairy can be processed or added into desserts and sweets. If you want a natural, non-fat and less carbohydrate diet, refer to a program that will enhance your high absorption of calcium. Ultimately, your calcium intake is your choice. 

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